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Jason Chatfield

Comfy Ducks of Café Vaudeville, Paris (2023)

Comfy Ducks of Café Vaudeville, Paris (2023)

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Size: 9 × 6 in (228 x 152 mm)
Ink: India Ink & Watercolor
Paper: 80lb watercolor paper
1 of 1: Signed and numbered
(Frame not included)

December 25, 2023
Rue Vivienne, Paris

The bartender glares at us when we ask for a hot water top-up. Tea is the cheapest item on the menu, and we’d already been sitting here for three hours. I order a Kronenburg 00 out of guilt as a young couple in black perch at the opposite end of the bar.

The man says something very intently into the young woman’s ear as she gestures to the bartender. She asks, in the thickest cockney English accent I’ve ever heard, if they are serving food.

The young French waiter rolls his eyes and hisses back, “Que demandez-vous?”
“Duck!” she says, ever so slightly louder. Still in English.
”Comfy Duck?” she adds, shaking her head.*

 He brought her a cup of black coffee.



*It took me an hour or mulling before I realized she was asking if they had Duck Confit, or "Confit Duck".

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