"Why Buy Original Cartoon Art?" - Jason Chatfield

"Why Buy Original Cartoon Art?"

A great post over on Cartoon Collections today on why you should buy original cartoon art:

Hey, if you’re one of the top earners whose wealth Sanders and Warren have threatened to manage in a way you’ve never had it managed before, I’ve got a deal for you before they do­. I’m talking about absolutely original, authenticated New Yorker cartoons going for less than your yacht’s personalized gunwale boarding mat.

Now some might wonder why you’d want to own original cartoons when you can buy a print of the very same on cartooncollections.com. Then again, some might wonder why you need a personalized gunwale boarding mat for your yacht.

Prints are great but there’s often a big difference between what an artist first produces and what ends up in the pages of the magazine. The handwritten caption, the grain of the paper, the publisher’s marks and other subtleties that don’t appear once the drawing has been run through digital scanning and printing all add to what elevates an original cartoon drawing from ephemera to art.

So, how much this arty artifact is going to you? Well as J.P. Morgan famously said when someone asked him how much his yacht costs “If you have to ask, you can’t afford one.” But maybe you can, and worse comes to worst, you could always put that personalized gunwale mat up on Ebay.

Published originals start at $2,000, unpublished $800. 

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