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Goal Met

I had a lifelong goal of getting my art in The Met; The biggest, most prestigious art museum in America. Well, it was a lofty goal, and not one likely to ever materialise… but this today I got the next best thing!

This morning I went into the New Yorker to pitch my batch of cartoons for the week, but, one cartoon in particular I held out and instead pitched to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. — and they loved it! Enough that they posted it on their official Instagram. The Edvard Munch exhibition is on at the Met Breuer right now, so it was a timely cartoon I came up with when I saw the exhibition was happening.

This morning while we were all waiting to see the editor, I ran the cartoon past George Booth and Sam Gross to check if the gag line didn’t stink. They both said they liked it a lot. (Which means more than The Met could ever mean, frankly.)

My amazing friend Leith got me a Met Membership for Christmas, so this Saturday I’m taking Sophie and the in-laws to see the epic new Michaelangelo exhibition, and swan around like I own the place. (That’s what Met membership affords you, you see.)

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